Welcome to the website of Michael Dolzani, The Productions of Time:  A Study of the Human Imagination, just published by McGill-Queens University Press in February, 2021.  This website contains information about the book, its author and his other publications, and recommendations for readers who find the visionary perspective of Productions appealing, or at least interesting.

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Podcast now available on Apple Podcasts

A quick heads up that Expanding Eyes is now available on Apple Podcasts, as well as on all the other major podcast platforms (see here for the current list) . Availability on Apple was delayed by technical-bureaucratic issues, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Beginning with episode 3, the podcast will have new theme…

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The Productions of Time Publication Day

Today marks the release of The Productions of Time, for me a landmark, as it is not merely a book but a life’s work. But also because I hope its vision may be useful to a few people. To my surprise, my author’s free copies arrived today, so I actually have a copy of…

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